Options for Selling My Timeshare – Methods that You Can Use

Thinking Of Timeshare Selling Options

Timeshare property is notoriously difficult to get out of by finding a buyer and selling the property to that buyer, but even so, the selling project is not hopeless, especially if the timeshare property is attractive and its location is good, too. If you have been wandering “what are the available options on how do I sell my timeshare now?”, here are a few tips for you.

Ask the Seller First

Many sellers are interested in buying back the property they have sold to at a discounted price – your success depends on how popular the location of your timeshare is and on the price you ask for the property. Contacting the initial seller with a good proposal is certainly worth a try – if you are lucky, you can get rid of your unwanted timeshare quickly and without hassle.

Ask the Other Owners of the Same Property

You can try to contact the owner of the timeshare slot right before or right after your timeslot – maybe they want to extend their yearly stay and they might be interested in purchasing your timeslot for a good price. To find those owners, you can contact your initial seller, but be prepared that many sellers treat contractual information, especially the identity of their buyers with confidentiality, so they might not be willing to disclose that information.

Ask Around among the People You Know

Using word of mouth is another great and easy way to get rid of your timeshare. Tell the people around you that you want to sell your timeshare property and try to make it as attractive as possible. If you meet someone who seems interested, you can back up your arguments with some family photos taken during the vacations spent on the property and you can also tell your potential buyer about your experiences with the property. Be prepared that your buyer will want to know why you would like to sell as well.

Use as Many Advertising Channels as You Can

Real estate websites, independent realtors and real estate agents, local printed media, retail and auction sites are all great tools that you can use to sell your timeshare faster.

Not all realtors sell timeshares as well, so don’t be surprised if some of them refuse to add your property to their portfolio, but even they can help you with advice or tips about who to turn to.

When it comes to online resources, start by familiarizing yourself with the conditions of using the website – most online real estate listings, auctioning and retail websites charge fees and commissions and auction sites have their own, very specific rules when it comes to bidding and you need to know about all these aspects before placing your ad.

For efficient advertising on any type of listings, you will need to provide the exact measurements of the property, details of the equipment and the amenities available with the property as well as some great pictures that show the place at its best. The wording of your ads is also very important – make the text concise, informative and intriguing for potential buyers.