How Frequently Should I Have My Pool Inspected?

Whether the warm season approaches and you want to put your swimming pool in operation, or the summer is nearing the end and you want to do the necessary preparations to protect your pool during the winter, this small guide offers you advice to have a functional pool throughout the year.

The frequency of having your swimming pool inspected depends on a few aspects: the location of the pool (indoor or outdoor, in the proximity of trees etc.), the way you use it (if pool parties are frequent, you will definitely have to clean it more often), the materials it is made of etc.

Generally, however, you need an annual maintenance plan that consists in 3 steps: preparation for summer, summer maintenance and preparation of the pool for the winter.

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Preparing your swimming pool for the summer

If you are a part of those who have been protected their pool efficiently during the cold season, then you have little to worry about when you uncover it, at the end of the winter. On the other hand, if you covered the pool but did not use the right chemical treatments, the water will inevitably be infested or full of algae. Whatever the case, there are a few practices completed by pool maintenance Plano TX specialists that can save you from this situation.

Preparing the swimming pool for the summer involves different operations:

  • checking the pump
  • cleaning the filtration system
  • cleaning the skimmers and the tank
  • testing the heating system
  • performing shock chlorination
  • checking water quality
  • testing the pH of the water
  • checking the amount of chlorine in the water
  • checking water`s alkalinity and hardness

Maintaining and cleaning the pool in the summer

Even if you have done the steps above, necessary to open the pool for the new summer season, it is advisable to keep a pre-emptive cleaning and maintenance routine throughout the summer, which will help you reduce the cost of repair, save time and prevent health problems that may result from lack of adequate pool maintenance.

Here is what you should do during the summer:

  • collecting debris on a regular basis, especially if the pool is located outdoors
  • aspiration of the water
  • cleaning the filters
  • maintaining an optimal pH
  • maintaining water volume at optimum level
  • checking the stairs, trampoline, waterfall, water games etc.)

Preparing the pool for the cold season

When winter approaches and the temperature of the thermometers decreases, the swimming pool is at risk. To prevent damages, maintaining the pool requires some special attention and should include:

  • cleaning the pool
  • adjusting technical water parameters
  • checking water level
  • removing all directional accessories, installing the pool caps and stopping the filter pump
  • covering the pool

Schedule an annual inspection performed by pool maintenance specialists

Even if you think you do not need a specialist … you do! – Especially when it comes to the mechanical elements of the pool: pumps, filters, heating system… It is good to make a check list, before the specialist comes in, just to be sure you will not forget anything.