How To Make The Most Of A Visit With Your Parent In Memory Care

Castle Rock Assisted Living

Visiting a loved one in memory care can be difficult, often an experience fraught with sadness and the frustration of not knowing what to do during the visits. However, you must be aware that your visits are very important for your loved one’s physical and emotional well-being, even if they do not show any sign of appreciation and even if they seem hostile during the visit, so it is essential to keep visiting as much as you can. Here are some tips from Castle Rock Assisted Living and Memory Care professionals to help you make the most of your visits – some easy tips to make the time spent together more meaningful and more enjoyable.

Keep It All Simple

One of the most common mistakes made by people visiting their loved one in memory care is to overthink what the visit should be like, what should be said or what activities should be included. People in memory care usually do not want to engage into tiring activities, the best thing that their visitors can do being just to be present, to be there.

Go with the Flow

Depending on how advanced their illness is, people in memory care might have good days, when they are perfectly lucid and aware of their circumstances, and not so good days, when they might be confused about their environment and might not recognize the people around. Visiting on a bad day might be confusing for the visitor, too, the mistake they often make being to try to forcefully bring back lucidity. The best approach is to adapt your behavior and your approach to the state of mind that your loved one is in, to be understanding and flexible, letting your loved one act the way they want.

Visit Frequently, but Make Your Visits Short

Keeping your visit short, but frequent increases the likelihood of having the chance to spend meaningful time together. Be aware that people with dementia get tired and lose focus easily, so watch out for signs of exhaustion and confusion and allow your loved one to rest when that is what they need. Pay attention to what your loved one wants – talk if that is what they want; hold hands or just watch TV together if that is what makes them happy.

Find a Quiet Place to Spend Time At

Loud, unusual sounds, strangers coming and going can be disturbing and upsetting for your loved one. Most memory care facilities have quiet, secluded areas where visitors can spend time with their loved ones without being disturbed, so do ask the staff at the facility to show you to such a quiet place.

Ask for Help and Advice

The Castle Rock Assisted Living and Memory Care personnel that take care of your loved one might be able to help you with advice on how to behave and they might also be able to tell you about the frame of mind that your loved one is currently in. Before you meet your loved, talk to the care nurse – that might make it easier for you to figure out how to make the most of your visit.