Why Should I Buy a Custom-Made Canoe?

custom canoes

When speaking of custom canoes, most experts will refer to wooden canoes primarily. Although it’s possible to build a custom canoe out of other materials, such as Kevlar or fiberglass, that’s not always practical, and it can also cost a lot of money. The most affordable custom canoes are handcrafted wooden boats usually made from strong cedar.

So, why should you think about buying a custom built canoe? There are actually a few very good reasons for it. Once most people see what they are, they soon realize that the real value of these canoes is often greatly underestimated, as they can offer a far more enjoyable experience than even some of the best high performance fiberglass canoes that money can buy.

Let’s take a closer look at what could make wooden custom canoes so popular and desirable:

  1. Custom-made wooden canoes are surprisingly strong and durable. If your previous boat broke at a bad time, you might be uneasy about buying the same kind of boat, since you don’t want your experience to be repeated. Cedar has impressive elasticity, and its ability to resist crushing a pressure of over 6,000 psi is right up there with various types of oak and fir considered to be among the most resilient types of wood. Because of these facts, cedar is known as one of the best materials for manufacturing wooden canoes, and with an efficient, custom made design, you can easily get it adapted for whatever purpose you need your boat to fulfill.
  2. Style is another important factor to consider. A custom built canoe will allow for virtually infinite flexibility when it comes to customization. As a result, once you can clearly envision your canoe, you’ll be able to get exactly the design you had in your vision, once you gave it to the manufacturer. Of course, the most basic features of a canoe have to remain the same, but once those are taken care of, you’ll find that a resourceful team of experts can custom build your canoe to provide you with the shape, color and texture you’ve always wanted.
  3. Like beauty, comfort depends on what you deem as comfortable. As such, custom canoes can be designed with your specific idea about comfort in mind. While others might not consider it entirely comfortable if they try it out, the fact remains that you can have your custom wooden canoe built exactly to your specifications, which means that once you finally get into it, you’ll feel right at home, and you’ll be able to maneuver it just perfectly.
  4. Custom canoes definitely offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Consider the fact that most of your friends might have bought standard canoes that are built according to a certain, specific design. When you invite them to check out your custom built, handmade wooden canoe, they will definitely be impressed not only by the comfort and sturdiness of the design, but also of its unique feel.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider buying a custom built canoe. Moreover, if you choose a dependable provider like J-Stroke Handcrafts, that will handle all of your requests with the greatest of care, you might even end up with one of the best custom canoes you’ve ever used.