Is It Important To Have An Indoor Storage Unit For A Car?

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Most people do not have or cannot afford a garage for their car. However, every driver knows that a car kept indoors has a longer service life, so you might want to think about renting indoor storage near me to protect your car stored for long-term, which would have many benefits:

  • Whether it is raining or snowing, a car kept indoors will never be in contact with moisture, thus the car`s body will have a longer service life. Under the action of moisture, corrosion manifests four times more intensely and rust spreads much faster.
  • The engine is better protected, especially if the indoor storage unit is climate controlled and allows for a higher temperature in the cold season. The ignition and starting of a car kept indoors is faster.
  • An indoor storage unit protects the car during the summer too, when exposure to the sun and excessive heat also causes many problems: the pressure in the tank increases sharply, because the heat causes a certain amount of the gas to evaporate, the plastic parts on the board get damaged and no longer stand in place, the leather upholstery cracks and dries, and rubber parts wear out much faster.
  • A car kept indoors will preserve its aspect and gloss for longer.
  • The car will be protected from any scratches caused by careless and/ indolent drivers.

When choosing a storage unit for your car, you should of course know exactly the dimensions of the car (length, width, height) and consider the following:

  • the distance between the car and the unit`s walls should be at least 20-30 cm
  • the required distance in front of the radiator must be of at least 50 cm

10 x 20 storage units with garage door and access will work great for most regular cars, but full-sized cars may require 20×25 or even 20×30.

To find an adequate storage unit, you must first identify a storage facility in your area, built for storing cars, because this way you can be sure that you can get the right unit size for your car. Besides, your car is an expensive investment and must be protected properly. Storage facilities designed particularly for car storage are typically gated, illuminated at night and having alarms and video surveillance, to increase the provided protection.

If you need to grab your car at 2 AM, choose a unit with 24/7 access. It is also good to know that some storage facilities near me even provide a 24-hour hotline, for emergencies and customer service.

Prices vary according to the type of storage unit you choose. Extra security and temperature control are features that increase the costs, but they also bring the best benefits. But do not get scammed into paying too much. Choose a reliable storage company and ask about fees and payment plans and options before you sign any contract.

Remember that if you plan on storing your car for more than a year, you should consult with a car specialist to determine what other measure you have to take to keep all the parts in working order.